54DA/HI Helt Island

New One by 14DA028 Phil .

10 & 11 November 2013 .

** DXpedition Report **

This is my story for the 54DA/HI activity…


1st Day — 10/11/013

I left my home in France at 3:45 GMT in the direction of Luxembourg (Division 54) with a fine rain that has not left me during the journey. My spirits are high!

I arrived in Rosport, a commune and small town in eastern Luxembourg at 8:10 GMT and after a short rest and breakfast I head to the spot on Google maps for my inland water island (IWI) DXpedition.

Towards the parking lot which is located on the heights of the dam, I found a perfect place for the portable station on the small island of ‘Helt’. This equipment consisted of a 501 + KL + IC-706 MK2 transceiver, Skypper antenna — all powered by a battery 130A / H. The coordinations are 49°48’07.38″ N 6°31’10.82″ E.


The first call as 54DA/HI on 27.555 MHz USB went ahead, then I QSY to 27.470 MHz USB to listen.

My first QSO is with 13IR074 Daniel at 8:59 GMT at 5/8. He is followed by 18VOG049 Theo at 5/9 and DA-RC member 14DA049 Fred at 9:10 GMT at 5/5.

Then suddenly the QSO’s ‘chained’ at great speed with some nice pile ups of eager IWI Hunters. It was a joy to activate under these special DX conditions, with the antenna beaming 180° and every QSO a set constant on the frequency.


Unfortunately, I needed to go QRT at 14:00 GMT to get to the hotel to take the keys to my room but the day had a been a huge success and I was very happy with the result so far.

The 10th of November has concluded with 127 QSOs in a 5 hour long transmission with six DA-RC members (14DA049 Fred, 14DA181 Jean-Marc, 3DA012 Roger, 13DA121 Ralf, 13DA110 Uli and 19DA109 Marcel) and 23 DXCC [Germany (13), Greece (18), France (14), Poland (161), Austria (35), Denmark (47), England (26), Canary Islands (34), Thailand (153), The Netherlands (19), Brazil (3), Italy (1), Belgium (16), Spain (30), Guadeloupe (196), USA (2), Puerto Rico (11), Curacao (347), Argentina (4), Switzerland (15), Canada (9), Russia (50) and Scotland (108)].


14RS/BFI on Bois François Island, 14RS/CLI on Cabanes du Levant and 4SD/EI on Elida Island were also worked, rounding off a great day’s DX!


2nd Day — 11/11/2013


After a good hearty breakfast at the hotel, I leave for Helt Island again to activate the second part of this new and exciting IWI. But alas the day is not like yesterday. After installing the station and antenna, I run many CQ DX calls on 27.555 MHz USB. I look for QSOs on QRG but there is nobody to answer me. Not a sound anywhere on the band.


I closely examine the station — the transceiver, accessories and antenna — and everything seems ok. The excitation of the ICOM IC-706 to 501 KL is okay as diodes KL 501 are all on. So what is the issue? It’s a mystery.

I change the antenna and install a 1 element Bamby but there isn’t anything to change either. So after 2 hours of research on the problem, I decided to go QRT and hit the road.


Total 0 QSO on 11/11/13. Sorry to the OM’s who could not be logged on this day. Believe me when I say that I am the first disappointed.

Thanks to everyone who called my station and congratulations to those guys who made the log for the first ever IWI activation in Luxembourg.


73 Phil 14DA028


LOG   10/11/2013


13IR074 58 8H59
18VOG049 59 09H08
14DA049 55 09H10
14HF297 55 09H11
14DX079 57 09H12
161EX015 53 09H13
13AT113 51 09H13
14DX181 41 09H14
161SD800 55 09H14
161SD171 59 09H15
35SD079 51 09H17
161AT127 55 09H19
14AT496 56 09H20
14HF062 41 09H20
14AT369 56 09H21
14AT038 55 09H22
47DX054 57 09H23
14DA181 57 09H23
26DB617 56 09H24
14AT047 57 09H26
14AT072 41 09H27
14FDX108 41 09H28
14AT355 51 09H29
1AT135 56 09H30
14PH065 57 09H31
14HR062 51 09H31
14DX049/P 41 09H32
14HF028 41 09H34
13SD211 56 09H35
14HF094 56 09H36
34RC024 51 09H41
153SD777 55 09H42
14HF057 57 09H43
13RF672 55 09H43
47HF122 55 09H44
14CDX005 53 09H45
14AT380 51 09H46
14AT190 57 09H47
19AT066 57 09H51
14IAA101 56 09H52
13AT130 55 09H54
13DX056 41 09H54
47DX109 53 09H56
14HF207 41 09H57
13SD124 31 10H02
47EC439 53 10H03
161OD002 55 10H06
14HF149 41 10H08
3PX001 59 10H20
3DA012 59+20 10H26
13DA121 55 10H30
35SD002 56 10H30
14VC106 56 10H31
14AT824 55 10H33
14EC062 53 10H35
14GT061 56 10H37
1MRM 56 10H38
13DA110 53 10H39
14RS692 41 10H42
3AD101 59 11H00
16HF001 58 11H06
30MDV074 41 11H20
30MDV079 41 11H22
30RC340 41 11H23
30RC341 51 11H23
196SD064 59 11H24
2AT042 55 12H11
13IR100 56 12H21
14RS057 57 12H21
196CC 59 12H23
3SD167 57 12H24
2RC279 55 12H24
47RO109 57 12H27
2AT058 55 12H28
30RC282 41 12H29
19SD115 56 12H30
2AT447 56 12H31
3AT068 57 12H33
11OD001 58 12H34
11SD156 57 12H37
14ED180 56 12H38
19DA109 53 12H40
14FR059 57 12H41
14RC071 57 12H41
14RS051 53 12H42
19AT097 57 12H44
347KP684 58 12H46
11SD119 58 12H47
26RD001 57 12H48
14AT286 57 12H51
26DQ045 58 12H52
14DX461 58 12H54
14ED177 57 12H55
14ASE062 56 12H55
4SD032 55 12H57
3SD308 57 13H01
2AT715 55 13H02
14AT962 56 13H03
19RF007 57 13H04
14SD213 57 13H06
14ED055 53 13H07
19AT027 55 13H08
19RF150 55 13H09
15AT108 55 13H10
14VL245 56 13H12
9CO5342 57 13H14
14RC026 56 13H17
14SB059 56 13H19
14FDX038 57 13H20
108AT031 57 13H21
19AT145 57 13H22
14AT460 58 13H25
9AT124 56 13H29
30AT103 59 13H32
9AT193 58 13H33
30LO026 59+20 13H34
14HF001 56 13H38
2FB001 57 13H39
9CB092 56 13H41
14RI116 55 13H45
50AT107 41 13H47
1AN448 56 13H48
161AT137 57 13H50
47AT124 55 13H52
19SD019 55 13H53
11OD002 57 13H55
14AT253 55 13H56